Render Manager 1.0.0

New Features

  • Various ui/ux improvements
  • Various performance related optimizations
  • Added V-Ray CPU and V-Ray GPU benchmark tests
  • Added dedicated V-Ray and Corona Spawner mode
  • Ram and Benchmark requirements will now update the error list
  • New thread count settings modal before switching to night mode
  • Added NVIDIA GPU requirement if V-Ray or Corona Optix Denoiser is used
  • Added the option to choose V-Ray benchmark score as a requirement
  • New Ctrl + Click function to copy the image location


  • Fixed dark image issue when using Tile rendering with Corona cxr output
  • Fixed false error after assembling cxr with Corona Image Editor
  • Fixed issue with prepare timeout after 1 minute on files that have heavy geometry or external cache
  • Fixed missing collect log option in render node mode
  • Fixed error with Corona Distributed while updating node list
  • Fixed issue with error report window message
  • Fixes issue with Corona Render Elements frame number placement
  • Fixed issue regarding Corona license popup window causing hanging nodes
  • Fixed issue with stucked jobs in the list after delete is completed
  • Fixed issue with thread count problems on multi cpu systems
  • Fixed asset check errors that showed already resolved texture paths
  • Fixed issue with full size tile preview showing up stretched
  • Fixed issue where user could lock himself out from the admin panel