Render Manager can't read Scene Manager setups created in v2.0.0 from scratch


We’ve been testing latest Render Manager v1.0.6 in conjunction with Scene Manager v2.0.0 and had an issue with submitting jobs through Browse option from the scenes created in latest Scene Manager v2.0.0 from scratch.
Interestingly that older setups created in Scene Manager v1.6.0 can be submitted via Browse option without any problems. Even when we re-saved/updated them with latest Scene Manager v2.0.0

The only way to submit Scene Manager setups made in v2.0.0 from scratch is to open the scene. Then Scene Manager can read setups from running instance of 3ds Max.

Is there any solution for this issue?



Thanks for reporting the problem, we will look into this asap. We are working on a number of fixes for both softwares so if there is no workaround then the latest update will fix these issues in the upcoming days.


Thank you, Peter, for looking into it.

Looking forward to updates. Hope they’ll solve the problem :crossed_fingers: