Render Manager Exclusive Nodes Error

We have had this issue for a while now and it seems to be getting worse with every version. We are noticing more and more when ever we are submitting renders to render manager , even though coming from the same file and scene it will skip a few renders and will have the status as “Waiting for Nodes”, even though there are nodes available. It wont start rendering at all until or unless we go and select the job and assign an exclusive node to it. Any chance we can fix this ?

Hi @usman

As mentioned before the problem most likely comes from the fact when your current pool has multiple masters or no master computers at all. If you check the list of nodes there should be 1 computer that has a yellow icon.

If you see multiple computers with it or none of them has that icon then this issue can happen. In this case please go to the Admin tab > Distributor section and reselect the preferred and current master.

These master computer problem happens in cases when for example certain workstations are overloading their resources during rendering and because of that windows and Render Manager just can’t keep up, they fall behind and they will start disconnecting from the current master.

We are working on some improvements that should fix this master problem, will certainly let you know when it is available!