Render Manager Issue

Hi, Im new to Render Manager and probably doing everything wrong,
I have a scene that i need to render that has various layers to turn on and off.
What im doing is selecting the scene with the correct layers turned on setting up pulze render manger and sending it to it. Changing the layers and sending it to Pulze render manager.
I can see all the files fine and starts rendering the first file, it finishes and then restarts the same file on a constant loop

Am i supposed to save each layered file as a sfresh scene and do it that way or is my way ok to do?

Bascially its for a Swim Spa company. Where i have 4 Swim Spa models with various sizes so i just want to choose the layers send to render, choose the layers and send to render.

Any help really apppreciated

Hello Lee,

Thank you for reaching us out. First of all I kindly recommend to check this tutorial to have an overview on the different job types:
I confirm that it should be fine to change the layers and send out an additional job.
My questions are the following:

  • Which render engine and max version do you use?
  • Do you use Scene Manager to control the layers or just switch them manually?
  • What is the type of the job? (single image, DR image, tiled image, animation)
  • Do you mean that the first job rendered over and over again and the next job wont start at all?
  • Could you please send a screenshot about the faulty job?
  • I would like to kindly ask you to collect the logs from the PC which is stuck in the loop. For that please open the Render Manager go to settings (little cogwheel icon) and hit "Collect Logs’’. It will create a zip file. Please send this zip file to

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


HI, Thanks for your reply.Im using Max 2021 - Corona 6 Hotfix 1

Not using Scene Manager im controlling manually. Job is a single image.
Yes i set 4 renders up, first one starts and finishes then the same job starts again and will keep doing this over and over. Im saving as a Corona EXR with Light Mix
This a screenshot of the render manager.
File Swim Spa_5m has finished and saved and then restarts.

Hi Lee,

What do you mean “first one starts and finishes”?
Do you have the rendered image in the output folder? And it keeps overwriting it?
I am asking this because it looks like that the PC which is assigned to the job is failing to render it (it is marked with yellow) You can check yourself what was the problem if you hover your mouse over the “!” sign.
We will check the log and get back to you soon.



It saves the rendered image fine then restarts render and over writes it.

I have worked out the problem. If i delete all my render elements i set up and render it renders and says completed.

I need the elements so im unsure how to get the render elements back working. Is there a specific way to render with elements ?

After checking the log it turned out that you used this character: " in the name of the Lights element. I would like to kindly ask you to do not use any special charcter like this becuase the network rendering can go off easily.
Please give a try without it and let me know how it goes.

You can easily check your Max’s log:
Corona EXR Image Format (\s01_Swim_Spa_Steps_V1_4m_LS_Lights_6".cxr) - Error writing image '\s01_Swim_Spa_Steps_V1_4m_LS_Lights_6".cxr’ – OpenEXR exception: Invalid argument.