Render Manager job submission direct from Scene Manager

Is it possible to send jobs direct from Scene Manager to Render Manager or is it only by using the button in 3dMax? Maybe I am missing something? Thanks!

From within Render Manager you can submit youre current open max file.
There is also a option to use the scene managers scene’s while submitting. so no need for a render button in SM, just open RM and submit the job thats currently open in Max.


Thanks Mark!
I see that in Scene Manager we can bake a list of selected camera scenes into a batch render and send to backburner as a net render. How can I send a baked list of camera scenes from Scene Manager to Render Manager in a few clicks?
Alternate: In Render Manager job creation we can choose only one camera at a time from the saved or current Max scene. How can I select multiple selected camera scenes from Scene Manager in effect building a batch render group of jobs for my farm?

Thanks again,