Render Manager limits CPU performance (?)


I have a simple setup with 2 computers, the strongest is the workstation and the other one is a node.
Although I have successfully used Render Manager to render multiple sequences, now I need it for something different. Let me explain.

I have to render multiple “simple” scenes which are made with Corona 6 but I also have to render some big 10.000x10.000 images for VR purposes for a collogue who works on Corona 8. I still use Corona 6 as my main renderer because I have an important project that started when Corona 6 was the latest and I can’t afford setting up things again for that project.

In order to do both of them I have downloaded Corona 8 and I followed the process which creates a custom start button just for Corona 8.

My goal is to render the simple scenes just on the node by using Render Manager and render the heavy scenes with Corona 8 outside of Render Manager on my main pc-workstation.

However, when I am setting up the jobs like I am explaining above workstation’s CPU can’t reach 100% of its performance. Actually, half of the threads are working on 100% and the other half are working around 50-70%. Node’s CPU works 100%, like it should.

I was waiting for the “simple” scene to be load and start rendering on the node before I start to render a heavy scene on the workstation.

If I start to render a heavy scene with Corona 8 on my main workstation while I keep Render Manager closed, CPU goes 100%. So, it seems that Render Manager limits workstation CPU on that occasion.

So my question is: Is this a known issue? Am I doing something wrong? Is it something I can do to fix this?


After some extending testing I came to the conclusion that Render Manager probably is not responsible for that low CPU work percentage. It might be a side effect of having two Corona versions running at the same time. It doesn’t happen all time after all. Anyway, if someone had a similar incident I would like to hear his/her opinion.