Render Manager not working at all

Hello :slight_smile:

Last month I downloaded Pulze RM to try it since I have a small render farm and I’m searching for a suitable manager.

Anyway, I had no luck during my first few tries trying to establish a working ws-node connection.

Today, since my trial period ended a few days ago I have decided to give it another try so I have purchased a license (which is, by the way, not visible in my User Account portal on the Pulze website, and I can not even see the purchase history while I’ve got the order and the invoice on my email, so I have no way to activate the product while the purchase went smoothly and my bank account was billed with no problem, funny), so I have registered another email just to get another trial to try to get it working (somehow).

Anyway, after installing and adding my WS and Node to the Pool, I’m getting constant errors, and the funniest error that I’m getting on both PCs is “Missing Pulze Render Manager Plugin 2.1.8” - I have downloaded and installed latest version from the Pulze website (which is supposed to be exactly 2.1.8).

Also, among other things, my render node is constantly giving me following errors:

Can’t reach output drive D, Missing drive H, missing drive D, missing drive G, missing Pulze RM Plugin 2.1.8.

All the paths and drives have been shared on the Network, I have paths mapped in 3DS Max on both computers.

I’ve never had any problems using simple Corona DR rendering and never had any errors.

Could someone please try to explain how to get this thing working?

Hi @namik.pirkic

Thanks for taking the time collecting your issues. Regarding the purchase I can see that you already reached out to our support.

Let me help you out with your other problems:

Missing Pulze Render Manager Plugin 2.1.8

This message is referring to the 3ds Max plugin and not the Render Manager application. During the installation we try to install the plugin to each 3ds Max version that you wish to use. If for some reason this fails, because we can’t detect it in the registry the plugin will be reported as missing.
Please try to reinstall it and see how it goes.

Can’t reach output drive D, Missing drive H, missing drive D, missing drive G

All your assets have to be collected and placed on a shared network drive. If you scene is using various assets from local drives your render node won’t be able to access it. For example if you have an asset path like: H:/assets/grass.png, then your render node will also try to access it on H:/ drive which most likely doesn’t exits.
Corona and V-Ray DR works a bit differently to my best knowledge. They send all the assets to render nodes so the original paths doesn’t matter.

If you need more help I’m happy to look into the details. For that I would need a collected log based on this guide: