Render manager slow with Google Remote


All the times I have been home and connected with google remote to my work computer, Render Manager has been very slow, and it gets slower and slower. All other programs works fine, it is just Render Manager that is lagging. And this morning after a successful render, I had to restart pulze because it looked like this:

This never happens when I’m at work. Only with google remote.

Are you guys familiar with this?

Kristian Berg

Also it looks like render manager is using like 24gb of ram when I got to work.

Hi Kristian,

We have to check if google remote causes the issue or not.
In the meantime please let me share some general tips:

  • Please try to minimize the number of existing frames. If you sum up the number of frames in all the jobs it should not be more than 4-5000 at the same time.

  • The previously finished jobs should be deleted. If it is important then of course you can archive/restore them any time.

  • It is recommended to reset RM on every workstation and node from time to time. It helps to clean out the system.

Please try to follow these steps and if it wont help contact us at

I have to mention that we have been working on the next release which will be more robust in this case so stay tuned!




Great stuff! Looking forward to a new version. I tested this with AnyDesk instead and it works fine.