Render node using only 1 of my 2 GPU's


I’m using RedShift and Max 2023, when i send a job to RM only one of my 2 GPU’s is working in node mode.
In the Nodes section details, only 1 GPU appears while inside Windows or 3ds Max my 2 GPU’s are visible.

I checked the similar topic with Vray from @r.torres .

Is there any chance of a fix for this problem?

Thank you.

If anyone has a similar problem make sure to create this environment variable on the render nodes: REDSHIFT_GPUDEVICES and set the value to 0,1

This will enable VGA 0 and 1 to render.

Honestly looks like a nice software, love the UI. But this “only be able to use 1 GPU thingy” is the only thing that has keeping me out from buying licenses. I have nodes with 4 to 6 GPUs on them and thats the point! to centralize the effort and resources in more powerful nodes to be able to be more efficient in software licenses, power consuption, maintenance, etc.

Left my account on March 23 and It looks the issue is not resolved @marmillon.o. So I ll keep waiting until I find a better solution.

Hi @r.torres

Thanks for your comment. We will make sure that in the next version this is going to be flawless and we will automatically use all the available GPU-s.

At the moment you need to set some environment variables for Redshift on each computer. If you are using V-Ray then you can use an utility to do it, please follow this guide: V-Ray GPU Setup - V-Ray for 3ds Max - Global Site

Alternatively, you can use the supplied GUI tool, which you can find in Start Menu > Programs > V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max #### > Select rendering devices for V-Ray GPU for 3ds Max #### , where #### is the 3ds Max version.

After changing this option, you need to restart the 3ds Max (or V-Ray Standalone) if it is running for the changes to take effect. If the V-Ray GPU render server is running as a Windows service, you may need to stop it from the Services applet in the Control Panel.

Hope this helps!