Render Output - how can this be possible ? ;)

Hello :slight_smile:

Recently, I had another group of students, learning 3dsmax & Corona. As usual, I advise them to use SM to smooth their workflow when it comes to multiple cameras handling etc. A few days ago, a student wanted to get various files output type for a single camera and tried the enclosed setup … I found that pretty funny at first, but then wondered why SM UI allows that. I mean, maybe their should be some “security” stuff under the hood preventing users doing such weird things, no ? just wondering :stuck_out_tongue:


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Hi Nico,

In earlier versions we had a restriction that the extension can only be used once, but then we had some usability issues because of that restrictions so we ended up allowing everything.

If the path is white, like on your image the path is valid and can be created, if it was red then it would be passed to 3dsMax. For scene manager the extension preset and it’s value is just a text that will gets placed into the path, usually at the end but nothing prevents you to use it as a folder or inside your filename, obviously no one wants to do that but it is possible.


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