Render output not saving .vrimgs

Hi Loving the product so far. I seem to be hitting a consistent problem however.

I am trying to saving out jpgs and vrimgs using the render output common and raw respectively.

When I submit my scene to the render manager, Using the scene manager option inside of the render manager. The scene renders and saves just the jpgs.

If I hit batch render inside of 3ds max the scene manager it saves out both correctly.
If I use render manager and submit without the scene manager option it works and saves both out.

Its there a correct work flow in making adjustments in the scene manager prior to sending the job to get the adjustments to be applied. I have also had issues like a quick change of resolution in scene manager not being applied in render manager unless i save and restart the scene.

Could you please reach out to us by writing an email to by reproducing the issue and sending us the logs from the Render Manager. To do that go to Settings > Support > Collect Logs select the computers involved press Collect and send us the created zip file.