Render Regions and Blowup/Crop Controls for each Scene

Would it be possible to add the ability to have separate Render Region settings and positioning for both V-Ray and Max’s own render regions for different Scene Setups?

It would also be good to be able to control what type of region each is, ie Region / Crop / Blowup etc. all for each Scene Setup.


Does anyone know how to implement this with pre render script?

Hello @paul,

That shouldn’t be too hard to script, but the most tricky part, from what I know, would be to fetch region settings and positioning for each camera, in a user-friendly way (i.e without putting hands into the script each time). For that, I guess it would be up to Pulze devs to build something :wink:


If you really need this, and would be ok to pay for it, I have a friend very skilled with MXS who may be able to develop something for you.