Render setting override & post production /VFB


We just installed version 2.5.6 Beta , I dont know where render setting override & post production /VFB have gone , … also I think there many columns had disapeared from the setting options.

Thanks !

Render Settings, Post Production and a couple of other modules are render engine dependent. If the feature is not available for a certain engine it won’t show up.

I think you didnt get what i mean , in the old version there was and option where can i fetch the render settings and frame buffer as well, now the in the new version of scene manage i have very few options of columns , although iam using the same render engine (Corona Render ) !., Unfotunately i couldnt upload screenshots in this window , it could have made things easier .

If you can’t upload it here please reach out to and we will pick this up over there.

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