Render settings override stopped working


After installing Corona 8 and the last Pulze Scene Manager update which is the 2.2.11 the render settings override is not working anymore. Has somebody reported this issue? It is one of the most powerful and interesting features for us. Thanks.


Hello? Nobody for the support team will answer?

Hi Ignacio,

Sorry for the later reply, if you have urgent questions it is better to reach out to!

Can you please elaborate on render settings override stopped working? Is it not picking up any of the settings or you are missing a few of the settings?

If you would like to control the tone mapping properties we have a separate Post-production module since Corona 8 that will handle that.


Hi Peter,

What I mean with “the Render Settings - Override module is not working” is that until I upgraded to this latest version, I used this moudel to control several things like tone mapping, caustics on or off, etc.

I used to set the default render preset and then when I changed the scene and adjusted the tone maping and the render settings I used the boton “Fetch” down below in “Render settings Overrides”. This way when changing from one scene to another everything was already set automatically and it was really handy.

Now, none of these is working. Any help? Did I explained myself clearly?