Rendererror after Upgrade to Version 10

Hi, i recently upgraded from:

3dsMax 2021 with Corona 7.1
3dsMax 2024 with Corona 10

Now the Render Manager tells me that he can’t render older files where 7.1 was used???
So when i upgrade to version 10, all files with older versions can’t be rendered with RM anymore?

Thanks in Advance!


Hi! in my company we use V-Ray instead of Corona but we have gone through the same problem and we have a solution that, despite being tedious, works:

You simply have to open the file using the old version and save it again on a computer that has the new version of Corona installed in your case, then you should get rid of that problem.

Best regards.

This has nothing to do with my question!

Hello? Anybody interested in customer support?

Thank you fpr the reply, but to be specific, which version should i reinstall with the custom option? The 7.1 or the new 10 version?

Hey @florian.waigmann

Sorry my bad please ignore my previous response that won’t help you in this case.

You have 2 options.

  • Open the file, save it then submit. This way it will detect that the file is using the latest version and it should be fine.
  • For jobs that are already submitted, you can downgrade the requirement. Look for Corona 7.1 in the job requirement section and press the down arrow. This way Corona 7.1 will become Corona * which means Render Manager doesn’t care about the version, just render.