Rendering loops

Hi there,

When I enter a job through scene manager with 1 or more images,
Render manager renders the first job, and when finished, it starts at the first one again.

Is there a setting I might be missing that would solve this?

Kind regards,

Hi Jens,

Please let me highlight that at the moment there is one important process that you have to keep in mind.
If you use Render Manager for rendering setups which were created in Scene Manager than you have to do the following in Max:

  • Unlock the “View to Render” field at Max’s render setup
  • Select (activate) the viewport which you would like to render

If you follow these 2 rules then RM will render out correctly the predefined SM setups.
Sorry for the inconvenience! We already fixed this issue and it will be available soon.

Please let me know if it helps.
Best regards,