Rendering missing frames

I just started testing out Pulze and I have a few issues with some of my render nodes. They picked up the jobs but did not render them. Now I have hundreds of missing frames. Is there an easy way to stop this from happening next time?
Backburner would at least add the un-rendered frames back into the que so it was not missing. Am I doing something wrong? Also, I know there is a way in 3dsmax to render missing frames, but I have not tested it.


First of all please double check if the firewall setup is well prepared. It is crucial to have a bidirectional connection so you have to set up the inbound and the outbound rules on each and every Node. For more info please check the documentation over here and the Faq over here.
If it does not help then I kindly ask you to contact us directly at and we gladly examine this malfunction further.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
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