RenderManager doesn't see updated scenes from SceneManager

I swear, every time I want to use RenderManager it doesn’t work and everytime it’s something else.

Now I have a 3ds Max scene that I created from a template file I always use. In that template I have some predefined lighting setups, where I duplicate the scene, change the camera and rotation of the hdri. In the end I clean up the predefined setups and I have a clean file with setups in Max. Now I wanted Render Manager to render this scene. I click create new job. But I don’t see my updated setups. I just see my first 8 default setups, even though these are deleted, not the 14 new ones.

It opens fine in 3ds Max and the setups are there, I don’t even know how he still sees the old ones in Render Manager…

Different scene, (older scene, didn’t start from a template here with predefined setups), made some changes in the model, didn’t change much in Pulze itself but I can’t see which scenes should be active in Render Manager. There should be 8 scenes active. Render Manager reports 1. So not sure what else to trust. I don’t have time to play beta tester here, yet I’m paying for it…

Is something up with latest Scene Manager together with Render Manager, or is it just always shit?

Tried with other scenes, same shit.

I cancelled my subscription here are some of the reasons why.

  • First of Render Manager hasn’t been able to render anything in 2 years time. There were ALWAYS problems. Literally always.

  • Warning about missing assets but asset tracker in 3ds Max reports everything linked correctly.

  • Scene Manager scenes aren’t updated and still displays scenes from 2 years ago and not the newly made ones or the changes, while everything works and displays perfectly in Max.

  • The promised VPN tutorial is invisible.

  • Errors about Max not being able to render it, with some generic error message and forum thread that has jack shit to do with anything. While it renders perfectly on 2 different machines straight out of Max.

  • Warning about missing plugins that aren’t even used.

  • Warnings about older missing Drives, that are necessary (even though nothing points to those drives anymore).

  • In short way too sensitive, way too picky, way too incorrect and way too buggy.

Reason why I post this on a forum and not email you about my problems, is that current and future customers need to realize the state of this software.