Renders stopping on Parsing Scene, no errors shown

This has only started in the last few weeks. Most jobs added to render manager are starting on a node fine, however when they reach the Parsing Scene stage, they soft crash which finishes the render saying that it is 100% completed even though it only ran for roughly 3 mins and saves out black images.

It doesn’t seem to be scene or PC specific as it is happening in different scenes or different sizes and complexities. The jobs are being added from different PCs and the nodes that are running them are all different including workstations put into node mode. All files are being saved to a network drive, I have yet to try it saving locally, which is my next port of call.

Any ideas?

For anyone who come across this while trying to diagnose their own problems, after posting this, I think I might have found the solution.

The issue is if jobs are submitted Pulze and Distributed Rendering is turned on within 3ds MAX, even if no nodes are selected within max, it will crash as stated above. After turning DR off, all my scenes rendered normally from Pulze without changing any other settings.

Hope that helps everyone.

Hi @studio6

Thanks for the report, sounds interesting. Could you please specify the version of 3ds Max and your render engine?

If you could send us some logs or a test file we are happy to dig deeper and figure out the cause of this issue.


We are using the MAX 2023 with all the latest updates, renderer is Corona 9.1.

How do I upload the logs to you? Ive saved them into a zip file from Pulze, but cant work out a way to add them to the chat.

Hi @studio6

Please send it to and we will have a look as soon as possible!