RM Can't find my version of Corona


I created a Corona 10.2 scene on my main PC. I submit it to RM and get my main PC to render it in RM. But it tells me it can’t find Corona 10.2 installed on the PC. Which is of course impossible…as the 10.2 scene was created on that very machine. It works fine on the node PC.

How can I fix this so it renders on the main PC too?

Same here.
I need to downgrade the render engine requirements in RM to be able to start the job successfully. Corona 10.2 was released not too long ago, and I presume that this version is not on the list.

But the weird thing for me is that it works fine on the node PC?

What do you mean by “downgrade the render engine requirements in RM”? How can I do this?

Despite having Corona 10.2 installed everywhere, the render manager is requesting version 9.3 (this version was installed before the update).

This is a joint problem with Render Manager and the installer of Corona.

To get around the problem reinstall Corona with the “Custom” option and it should be all good after. We realize that this is a pain, therefore in the next version we changed the plugin search mechanic to avoid these issues.

The problem is with the “Upgrade” option of the Corona installer. When you upgrade, it doesn’t refresh the required files on your system that Render Manager checks for the installed components and versions. For Corona we use the: “C:\Program Files\Corona\CoronaRemove.xml” file.

Excellent! Thank you Peter.

I knew there must have been a some-what-proper fix. :slight_smile:

Ok, sorry to be a pain, but this is getting ridiculous…

I have installed Corona 11.

Now when I try to render any scene in Pulze that was created in Corona 10.2 and not directly saved in Corona 11, it won’t render as it “requires Corona 10.2”

Is this normal? Expected? Must I now go and save all my files to Corona 11 for it to render as expected?

Yes the expected way now is to open you scene save it or just select the active 3ds Max from the submitter.

The other way is to “downgrade” the Corona dependency during submission or in the job details.