RM does not detect plugins correctly

Hello team,

I am having a problem with the Render Manager not detecting plugins on a local network render farm (more specifically BerconMaps, iToo’s Clone modifier and Floor Generator). Although all nodes are setup with an additional common path in 3DS Max’s Configure User and System Paths, the software still shows warnings in the requirements section and it’s not able to detect these in the Analytics tab as well.

It seems that if there is no network path involved it is able to detect the plugins just fine with the plugins stored locally, but that would defeat the purpose of easier management of these. Is there a workaround so I do not have to uncheck all these warnings every time I submit a scene to render?

Hi Sorin,

Render Manager checks the following ini files for custom folders where you can place your plugins:

  • C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2022\plugin.ini
  • C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2022\en-US\plugin.ini
  • C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2022 - 64bit\ENU\Plugin.UserSettings.ini

I believe the Configure User and System paths refers to the Plugin.UserSettings.ini file in your appdata folder. If you could send us some screenshots of the ini file and the folder of plugins we can look into the problem in detail.