RM sends out wrong/old scene


I’ve complained about this in the past, but the issue remains.

Almost every time I submit a multiple task job to RM the first job renders fine and as expected. But the 2nd (or final, depending) renders an old version of the scene.

I have no idea how this happens. It seems impossible.

It’s possible that this happens depending on different workflows (ie; if I submit while the scene is open, or if I submit from a closed file). But I use both these workflows often and it’s entirely possible that it happens both ways.

When I say old version I mean that the materials are from a previous days work, objects are where they used to be, etc. The new stuff hasn’t come up at all. It’s as if Pulze is fishing out an older submitted job and confusing it for the new one. And again, this never happens to the first render/task, only the second or third etc ones.

Last time I complained about this I was dismissed pretty quickly, but it’s a pretty major problem that requires me to re-submit and re-render very very often. I don’t know if others are experiencing this issue. It’s lasted months, 6+ at least, so across multiple versions of RM and SM and even 3DSmax.

Any investigations into this would be very appreciated.


Thanks for the detailed explanation! I’m looking into the issue and will get back as soon as we have a solution.
One thing for sure is that if you save your file before the submission it should be all good.

Ok, I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks!

So I have been looking into this and changed a few things how render manager behaves when it comes to submitting multiple scenes or files. Please take this version for a spin and let me know how it goes: https://public.pulze.io/pulze-downloads/pulze_service/2.1.4/pulze_214_win.zip

Amazing! Thank you. I will surely let you know how it’s going.

A slightly similar bug:

As I had this previous problem I’ve since started the workflow of using the 'Submit Render job to RM" button. Really like this feature! :slight_smile:

However, I’ve noticed it doesn’t work for animations, each time I’ve pressed this button RM renders only a single image rather than a frame range.

Hope this is replicable. Cheers,

As long as the Time Output in 3ds Max render settings is set to Range, Active Time Segment or List, RM should create an animation job.