RM: Thumbnail finished rendering

Since a while now I am always rendering to EXR (combo with Cryptomatte, and therefore waiting for PM to support that). I would love a thumbnail image showing the rendered finished (not only while rendering) image somewhere in the main job bars with an option for a bigger image when hovering the thumbnail.

Hi Erik,

Unfortunately we don’t have the resources and time to support Cryptomatte for the Post Manager, sorry for that :frowning: I guess this is something that Adobe should do.

As for the render thumbnails it’s a great idea, I’ve added it to our list. We will have to do some modifications and create a small thumbnail for the finished image as well to make it fast, but it should be all good.


Hi Peter,

I am still experimenting with Cryptomatte on some big files. The biggest issue is that when masking by Node Name it’s easy to reach over 1000 masks/layers and then the naming (importing in PShop with IO-EXR) is broken, making it hard to recognize the right masks. So I will probably go back to PSD-Manager. The nice thing with Cryptomatte is that it generates a mask for every object, even from XRefs; if there was a good way with rules to organize/merge these masks by layer, namepart, selection set, material, etc. I wouldn’t have to assign object and material ID’s each time, which I really hate doing, even with some nifty ID-tools. Another way would be to constantly name objects the correct way and make some scripts for PShop, but then I wonder what is flaky…naming or ID-ing???