Running across remote sites (VPN)

I’ve just installed, to see if I can run this across remote sites (through VPN).
I’ve installed as workstation in location 1.
Installed as rendernode in location2. and found workstation via global IP address (port forwarding in router to workstation),

Rendernode seems happy, has found workstation… I can submit job from location 1, and render node has picked it up fine!

However there are no updates to the job in Render manager from Location 1?! The node is happily chugging through frames, but Location 1 is not seeing any updates or progress or the render node at all??!

Firewall ports are open 3005-3008 on both machines…

Any ideas?


Dear D,

Thank you for reaching out! We haven’t had a chance to fully test Render Manager on VPN so far so by default it is not recommended to use. On the other hand it is capable of working through VPN, in some special circumstances. In your case it is important to check if the bidirectional communication is allowed or not.

Before we dig deeper into the troubleshooting, I suggest writing to and we can continue the discussion in private.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


I’m amazed you got that far. I’m trying to connect to my Farm over VPN but am greeted with the message to open firewall ports, even though they are opened and confirmed with portforward network utility.

No idea how to get this to work :slight_smile:

The initial success has not lasted… we’ve given up on Pulze render manager for now, going to wait for it to gain a few new features, like submitting all passes direct from pulze scene manager, and the ability to edit the job once it is submitted… feels very beta at the moment…

Thank you for your kind words!

Unfortunately at the moment , VPN is not supported. We have been working on it and in the next major release we are planning to implement this feature as well.

In the meantime the users most of the cases have the following workaround:
The recommended way is to use a common Workstation which can be accessible by anyone remotely. In this way you can benefit the great feature of Render Manager where you do not need to open a specific Max file to send it to render. So you can login remotely to the Workstation which is in the same network as the Nodes and you can just browse the previously saved Max file and you can send it out to render with a few clicks.
If you have further questions about the ports and technical requirements please visit the FAQ overe here where you can find detailed technical descriptions.
If you have any questions, just let me know.
Best regards,

Hello Donal,

Thank you for reminding us that there are a lot of things to do :slight_smile: We have been working hard to fulfill all the needs.
I just would like to kindly encourage you to not hesitate to contact us at next time. Every feedback helps us to better understand your needs.
Looking forward to working together.

So almost 2,5 years later. Almost no updates in the last 6 months, apart from a beta. This still isn’t happening. A lot of people here have asked this or even a tutorial, which was promised a couple of times. I wonder why we’re paying a subscription…