Sanity Check - Check Hide/Temp Layers

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A little question question the Check Hide/Temp Layers - just what does it really takes into account ? do we have to name our layers with Hide or Temp prefix ?
If so, would it please be possible to force hidding layers with prefix starting with simply with the letter z ? for example, I’m used to place imported DWG stuff on layers starting with z2d_ prefix, and temp layers always with the prefix z_.

Besides that, I must say Sanity Check is really a great feature in RM, both time-saver and a nice safety tool for users - I love it.

Thanks in advance for considering my request.

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Any answer, please ? pretty important with RM for me :wink:


Hello Nico,

The check for Hide/Temp Layers is pretty simple. If the layer name contains hide, hidden or temp then it will fall into this category. Currently there is no way to customize this behavior, if there is enough requests for similar things we will add custom sanity checks, but we are not their yet.

As a workaround beside the z2d_ or z_ you could add the temp or hide words somewhere and it should work.

I hope this is okay for now!


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Good morning Peter,
Thanks a lot for your answer. That’s a pity we can’t add some custom sanity stuff for now, but hey, Render Manager has to have some little defaults I suppose :wink: just kidding of course.
Anyway, if I understand correctly, no matter if hide / hidden / temp words are in the layer’s name, it will be taken into account, right ? so making these words as suffixes or even in the middle of the name doesn’t matter ?

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No problem. Yes it should work like that. you can put these words anywhere in your layer name.


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