Sanity Check - Render Region Enabled

Let me know if I should just make one big thread for my suggestions! Anyway one of those things I think most of us do at some point is leave render region enabled. When rendering locally with DR turned on it will warn you however I don’t see the option under Sanity Check to automatically check to see weather it is turned on in the V-Ray buffer prior to submitting the job.

This is fine the way it is I guess, one thread / one problem. It’s easier to track what is going on.

It should be turned on automatically. We check both 3ds Max render region and V-Ray/Corona Frame Buffers region.

So in case of V-Ray you should see something like this.

You can enable/disable and set a warning level to these checks at the Admin Tab > Sanity Check

If the check is enabled and you are not getting the warning, then please send your scene to our support and we will have a look.

Ok I missed it when going through the list originally as I was specifically looking for “Render Region” for whatever reason.

One of our artists left it on and said he didn’t recall seeing the warning, I double checked and see it is set to warning so I made it “Critical” in case they just weren’t paying attention to the sanity check, I will go back to the job and resubmit it with the region turned on again to see if it is not showing and will send in the scene if that’s the case, I admit it will take a little bit for us to adjust to the new system but we are starting to get the hang of it.