Save render when suspending

Is it possible when pressing suspend that you could get the option to save the current render? It is a littlebit scary if a still image has been rendering for 8 hours, and suddenly someone suspends the node and the render is lost. I dont this this feature is useful in animation though, but only in still images.



If you are using V-Ray then you can turn on resumable rendering for the job, in this case you can continue to use it from the last bucket or from the last save point in case of progressive. There is no other option currently.

You could also lock away most of the node management features from a user by downgrading them from admin to standard user in the Admin panel. They will be able to create jobs and do a few other things but they won’t be able to fiddle around with the nodes or others job.


We are using Corona Renderer and that the admin settings solved most of the problem. But there is still the issue with canceling your own job by accident. I now that there is a safety question before you cancel the job, but I find myself very used to just pressing cancel anyways. It would be great if there was maybe setting that could choose between canceling the render and saving the render when you hit suspend.

But I feel much safer now that I am admin and the others are “standard”, so that helped! Thanks!

Another point is if I want to stop a render of an image before it has reached its limit. There is currently no other way to do this than logging on to the render node that is rendering and pressing “Stop” in the Corona VFB. I think there should at least be a way to do this from RM.