Scene Manager 1.3.0

  • Added support for Render Manager
  • Fixed bug with Layers card in 3ds Max 2020
  • Updated the Timeline card to Time Output and added more features to it


i just downloaded the installer for Scene Manager,
after i agree, in the window “select components to install” the field for the components is empty,
so i cant install anything.

I have tried with different installers and always the same results.

I have win 7 ultimate and 3d 2020,

can you give me some advice?



This happens to me too! but on 2021.

Hi, thanks for reporting the problem. This is most likely an issue with the 3ds max environment variable, where a trailing space or semicolon makes the installation path invalid for our installer. Since multiple people reported this in the last few days again, we made a few changes inside the installer.

Please try out our latest beta version and see how it goes: