Scene Manager 1.5.0 [Beta]

  • Added support for 3ds Max 2021
  • Added support for FStorm, Arnold*, Redshift*
  • Added the ability to control every render settings with the new Render Settings - Override Card
  • Updated UI to support larger window sizes, this way cards can be organized much easier
  • New Script Snippet Editor interface with basic Maxscript syntax highlighting
  • Added new sidebar to quickly show/hide the cards
  • Added Render Elements Card
  • Added Objects Card (Beta) to control object visibility
  • Added Atmosphere Card to turn effects on/off
  • Added jpeg, png, tiff, tga, bmp and exr global properties to the Output Settings
  • Updated Layer card behavior
  • Added the option to colorize the setup rows
  • Added the option to duplicate multiple selected rows
  • Added Fetch Setup option which will automatically setup the Camera, Dome, Sun, etc. cards
  • Added Read Only mode that is useable without a valid license
  • On new setup creation the current scene resolution will be applied
  • New Double/Half resolution quick buttons
  • Batch render on/off button now behaves correctly on multi selection
  • Added Scene Name preset option to the Output Path cards
  • Closing/Removing a card will also deactivate the module
  • Fixed messed up card positions after factory reset
  • Added Output Level option to the Hdri Card
  • Added Show Hdri Material button to the Hdri Card
  • Fixed issue with Hdri Browser not loading all the files from a folder
  • Newly created setups will be renderable by default
  • Added Hdri Library loading indicator
  • Updated Resolution and Time input field behavior
  • Various UI/UX improvements

Hey Peter!

Just installed the 1.5 beta and all I got when I open SM is a white screen after the login page.
I’m using Max 2020.

Hi Xtianriv,

That is great, thanks for sharing, this is why we do these beta tests :slight_smile: Most likely you can get around this problem if you close up 3ds max and delete the content of: C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Pulze\

Let us know if this solves the issue.

Thanks Peter,

Just as simple as that!

Hello Peter! ,

Just wondering if we can manage to save using corona renderer 2 lightmixer setups at once,

lets say,
I do have 2 lightmixer setups into the scene and I am doing an animation, it is possible somehow using render manager+ scene manager save both at once?

Also speaking about corona renderer , it is possible using the scene manager to change the UDH cache depending on which camera I am using?

would be good if by a new card we can select which UDH cache solution specified by the selected camera we will be using.


Great and very actual question :slight_smile:

Today we released the latest version of the Scene Manager where you can control post-processing, lightmix, uhd cache and any other render settings. We also created a detailed tutorial series that covers this topic as well.

However the case that you describe is very interesting (that you would like to save the same image with multiple variations for an animation) and a bit more complicated topic that won’t work currently off the shelf.

I guess you will be able to achieve this with some maxscript and once we update the Render Manager to be compatible with the latest Scene Manager in the following weeks.

I’ll make a note on this to try it out, but if you are interested in a solution once the Render Manager latest beta is available please contact us at


Wow , that’s what I had in my mind!, Amazing guys, only missing being able to use the render manager to get the different mood light mixer variations for animations porpuses! , Looking forward to it!

Thanks for such an amazing work


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