Scene Manager 1.5.5 [Beta]

  • New bake settings option, which will convert your scene manager setups to native 3ds Max scene states and render presets, allowing you to submit to backburner or any 3rd party render service
  • Added the option to fetch the selected hdri map
  • Added support for CoronaColorCorrect and FstormColorCorrect maps
  • Added V-Ray IPR resolution update checkbox to the Settings (from now on by default when changing setups while V-Ray IPR is running resolution 1on’t be updates, due to the slowness of this operation)
  • Setup List rows from now on won’t show disabled module properties
  • Fixed issue with Render Settings Dialog popup during batch render
  • Fixed issue with Corona Material Override exclude list
  • Fixed issue with Corona VFB regions per setup
  • Fixed issue with Multiple maps (Lightmix) environment option
  • Fixed issue with Corona Postprocessing Curves per setup
  • Fixed Corona Render Selected List per setup
  • Fixed issue with Render Output preset behaving incorrectly in some cases
  • Removed render engine mismatch dialog
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nice update, testing ASAP.