Scene Manager 2.0

Scene Manager 2.0 just lost all my scene settings, how do I get them back? I really need to sort this out. Where does Pulze store the info?

Hello, first of all I kindly suggest installing SM 2.0.1. first. If it does not show your setups then please contact us at and we will investigate the file for you.

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Hi dhowdin,

The Scene Manager stores it’s settings inside the max file, so there is no 3rd party place where you can restore it from. It loads up what it has from the max file. As Attila mentioned we have been working hard on a lot small improvements and fixes, and it’s worth installing 2.0.1 or if you already have it then by restarting max you will get the latest patch with it.

As for the disappeared settings you have to go back to the previous file I’m afraid, and I hope you haven’t lost too much time. There was one bug that could cause such trouble in weird cases which got fixed in the morning, but just to be sure if we are talking about the same thing if you can send over your “broken” file then we can double check and try to restore it.

P.S In case of emergency issues it’s better to contact us at, we are only checking the forum a few times a day.


I thought downloaded the most recent version as I had seen someone else had problems with setups missing. But I just checked and its version 200 anyway I have managed to screengrab them from and older file and copy the settings, fingers crossed, much hasn’t changed.