Scene Manager 2.1.0

You can download it from here.

  • Improved Color Correction map support
  • Added specific Color Correction properties
  • Added UserName and PcName option to output modules
  • Added animated camera transition option
  • Added the ability to create a Sky map directly in the Dome module
  • Added pick selected map to the Environment and Dome modules
  • Added option to copy paste a module between setups
  • Added option to loop through the setups and run a custom script
  • Added FStorm direct light property
  • Added Daylight System properties
  • Fixed issue with map browser showing empty and unnecessary items
  • Fixed override issue with fetch property in some special cases
  • Fixed resize issue with the Todo module
  • Fixed issue with Hdri Quick Browser not loading the selection to the Dome
  • Fixed wrong camera issue with batch render and bake function
  • Fixed bake issue when scene names are the same
  • Fixed a bug when maximised window state was not saved
  • Fixed too frequent update issue with output module
  • Fixed issue with freezed camera/light module after merging and delete old is chosen
  • Fixed issue with Hdri Quick Browser loading label
  • Fixed issue with locking the entire ui while switching between setups
  • Fixed issue with the usage of special characters in camera, light, object, layer and map names
  • Fixed an issue when fetch current map also returned unsupported map types
  • Fixed layer dropdown order to be alphabetical
  • Fixed resize issue in the output module
  • Fixed resize and path trimming issue issue in the render output modules
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