Scene Manager 2.2.11

You can download the latest version here.


  • Import/Export Scene Manager states including geometry and maps
  • Option to set different output types per render element (Corona, FStorm)
  • New active at render XRef property
  • New Variants module for product rendering
  • Post-production module where you can control V-Ray VFB Layers and the new Corona Tone Mapping
  • Added animation preview feature
  • Override material per object
  • Set Daylight and Sun properties together
  • Custom resolution presets
  • Support for 3ds Max 2023


  • Create missing output directory
  • Added automatic force refresh viewport after object, layer and xref changes
  • Added option to fetch viewport background size in resolution module
  • Added Nth frame option to the Time Output module
  • Multi select items in the layer and object lists and batch update their properties
  • Added option to load hdri map to both dome and environment module
  • When using the bake feature common output paths won’t be extended with the frame number
  • Baking setups to vrscene file will export the animation if time range is set
  • Added help info in the Hdri Browser for the missing thumbnails
  • Added the option to use the selected map as a custom viewport background
  • Output preset import/export option has been relocated to the module header


  • Added V-Ray minimum shading rate to the render settings
  • Added V-Ray matte object properties to the object module


  • Added support for Corona 8 new tone mapping
  • Added support for Corona switch map for the environment module
  • Fixed pass limit stepping issue
  • Fixed Corona exposure negative values


  • Added missing render settings for FStorm 1.5
  • Added FStorm atmosphere properties to render settings
  • Added FStorm Alpha environment multiplier, Kernel exposure, Mask id, White balance, LUT properties to the render settings
  • Fixed Fetch current scene loading the wrong environment in case of FStorm


  • Fixed Hdri Haven library and renamed it to Poly Haven
  • Fixed Scene Manager not starting because of strict domain policies
  • Fixed not recognized new cameras when scene was previously reset while Scene Manager was opened
  • Fixed slow performance when having 100+ scenes
  • Fixed dll warning on 3ds Max startup when Babylon plugin is installed
  • Fixed cameras without a name
  • Fixed failed operations after canceled batch render
  • Fixed copy/paste between different output types
  • Fixed Render Settings override fetching not required properties which could cause output issues
  • Fixed issue that caused hdri thumbnails to not load on initial start
  • Fixed none updating render elements after baking the setups and batch rendering them with backburner
  • Fixed double/half resolution buttons not respecting the aspect ratio of the selected setups
  • Fixed still image batch preview on 4K displays
  • Fixed script editor resize issue
  • Fixed missing tga compression option
  • Fixed scene baking while render settings is opened
  • Fixed aspect ratio rounding error
  • Fixed slash characters in the script editor module
  • Fixed time output module behavior
  • Fixed special characters in Hdri library folder
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New features look great. Sadly it looks like max 2018 is no longer compatible in the update installation?


it is possible to use somehow Material ID to change mat in Sub-Material, not change it from the editor?

Yes unfortunately we had to remove support for anything lower than 2019. This is because some of the new features and fixes won’t work on older versions and we decided to remove these.
Maintaining a none full featured version for older max releases would be problematic an would raise a lot of questions and problems for us.

Nope, currently you need to apply the material and then fetch/refresh it in the Scene Manager in order to make it work.

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For “Create missing output directory”
Is It possible to create all missing output folders of a batch render prior to each task’s completion? This is useful for setting up placeholder folders for comping purposes.

hi, I just noticed that I can’t have a corona color correct placed in the Environment tab and have it work correctly, i.e. I can “fetch” it just fine, but it won’t switch when rendering a new setup where I have a different color correct map assigned. My setup is corona bitmap with the HDRI linked to a corona color correct map.
If I just have the normal corona bitmap with the HDRI in the environment tab or a corona sky, it all works.

Then I noticed the corona select map is supported in the environment tab, but how do I assign the select value per setup?

I guess a work around would be to have the corona select after each of my colorcorrects, but this is just extra work :slight_smile:

As much as this feature was requested, I think the ultimate goal is to allow a separate background override where you can select any map (not just images) as the background, without having to enable the render overrides tab.

I’m trying to use the new Post-Production module for Vray VFB layers. When I click Fetch, nothing appears in the module. What am I missing?