Scene Manager 2.5.5 - Setups disappear when loading another max file

If scene manager is open and I load another max file, all scene setups of the newly loaded file do not show up. Then if I save, the scene setups that was supposed to be in this max file will disappear for good.

Our current workaround is we have to remember to always close scene manager, load another max file, then launch scene manager again.

Currently, it seems like Scene Manager is not updating when loading a max file. It would only update if it is launched after a scene is already loaded.


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Thanks @vincent for the report.

The team is looking into it and will let you know if we found out the issue. Is it only one project that is behaving like that or all of it? Can you send us the max file?

+1, you have to open SM after file opening

Hi @peter.sarhidai , this is with any scene. To replicate the problem, I created two scenes from scratch. cubes.max and spheres.max:

  1. cubes.max is opened, with scene setups loaded. File is also saved.
  2. I closed Scene Manager, then opened spheres.max, then open Scene Manager after. Scene setups for spheres.max are properly loaded.
  3. Keeping Scene Manager open, I then open cubes.max. All setups are gone.
  4. Keeping Scene Manager open, I open spheres.max, and the Scene Setups for spheres.max reappeared. It seems like the current instance of Scene Manager is somehow connected to the scene that it was initially opened in, and not any other max file that I would load after.
  5. I closed Scene Manager, then opened cubes.max, then open Scene Manager after. Scene setups for cubes.max are properly loaded.

Scene files: TEST SM255 scene - Google Drive

Can confirm, was about to post the same thing.

I was testing this route:

  • Open Max scene with setups. Change some things (duplicate, delete).
  • Reopen the same file (Max doesn’t ask to save even though I changed setups)
  • Reopened file doesn’t display setups
  • Close Max
  • Reopen Max and scene > Scenes are still there.

Thanks @vincent and @DGTLTWNS for the extra info we are looking into it.

@vincent, @software and @DGTLTWNS could you please restart your 3ds Max and check if the issue still exists. We made some changes this morning and the steps that @vincent mentions no longer produces the issue according to our tests.

@peter.sarhidai confirmed that this issue is fixed on my end. Thank you very much!

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Thank you Peter, fixed indeed. BTW is it normal that if you change something in the setups, 3ds Max doesn’t ask for saving changes (if you didn’t change anything else besides Scene Manager related stuff)?

@DGTLTWNS that is good news, thanks for confirming. For now it is a normal behavior, but I guess we should change that. Noted, this will come in one of the next few builds.

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