Scene Manager 2.5.5

Download the latest version from here and check out our article about the new features: What's new in Scene Manager 2.5

New / Updated features:

  • Added new Assets module that will allow you to easily track and collect your assets
  • New Plugins module to overview which plugins/versions are used in the scene
  • The new version allows you to create up to 5 states and use a selection of modules at no cost.
  • The core of the Scene Manager has been completely replaced. By eliminating some bottlenecks, command execution and the overall experience are now much faster.
  • Added a new “Login with Browser” method for a more convenient sign in experience.
  • We’ve also given the user interface a slight facelift. You’ll notice changes to the top part where we’ve placed most commands like Render, Bake, Preview, leaving the setup list with only the relevant commands.
  • Added a new notification option that opens a message box during file load if the scene contains Scene Manager settings.
  • New logo for the 3ds Max toolbar
  • More accessible preview setup option. While active, you can make changes in the user interface without affecting your 3ds Max scene
  • Updated camera sync mode (previously record setup). When enabled, Scene Manager will listen for viewport changes and activate the setup based on the active camera
  • Added a confirmation dialog before deleting a setup
  • The “create output directory tree” will now work if multiple setups are selected
  • Pressing cancel during batch rendering now cancels the entire process
  • Added proper date & time controls for the Daylight system
  • From now on duplicating a scene will create a copy below the selected scene, rather than at the bottom of the list


  • Fixed several issues with groups. Scene Manager will now only pick the topmost object (if the group is closed). Also all children will inherit the properties.
  • Fixed an issue with linked helpers appearing in the objects module.
  • Fixed missing .vrimg output and the Post-production import/export option when V-Ray GPU is used.
  • Fixed an issue with the Lights module where instanced V-Ray Lights were not behaving correctly during batch rendering.
  • Nth, range, and single frame values are now updated separately.
  • Removed Corona out of core and other non-relevant settings from the Render Settings - Override module.