Scene Manager doesn't recognize 3DSMaxDesign

So i’m testing the plugin on MaxDesign2015, and it looks like it’s not supported.
When I try to submit a job there’s an error on every node that says “Missing 3dsmax 2015” and “Missing Pulze Render Manager Plugin”.

Raw error log:

[{"_id":“E5f468795f2efa93adc7bbaab”,“code”:null,“continue”:true,“critical”:false,“description”:“|J5f4686cdf2efa93adc7bbaa3|Compare|Missing 3ds Max 2015”,“error”:“Missing 3ds Max 2015”,“ignored”:false,“ip”:“”,“jobId”:“J5f4686cdf2efa93adc7bbaa3”,“result”:“Warning”,“searching”:true,“state”:“Compare”,“success”:false,“taskId”:""},{"_id":“E5f468795f2efa93adc7bbaac”,“code”:null,“continue”:true,“critical”:false,“description”:“|J5f4686cdf2efa93adc7bbaa3|Compare|Missing Pulze Render Manager Plugin 1.0.4”,“error”:“Missing Pulze Render Manager Plugin 1.0.4”,“ignored”:false,“ip”:“”,“jobId”:“J5f4686cdf2efa93adc7bbaa3”,“result”:“Warning”,“searching”:true,“state”:“Compare”,“success”:false,“taskId”:""}]

Is there any workaround for that? Maybe some string to change in the registry? I wonder why it didn’t alarm about missing 3DSmax during installation.
As you may have noticed I had other issues with ‘Design’ versions, which I posted in other threads.

I can confirm that the current version of our products (scene and render manager) doesn’t support the Design version of 3ds Max. There might be workarounds, as you mentioned renaming environment variables or registry strings, but it is really not recommended as they might broke other plugins that you are using.

We would like to follow the tendency and slowly remove support for 2014 and 2015 because it’s getting problematic to add the same features for all these older versions.

Honestly I would suggest to get away from the Design version if possible, because the next update cycle for our products is still a few weeks away and even then I don’t think we will add support to it.

If you are not planing to move away from 2015 Design version then I’ll try to find a workaround in the next few days.