Scene Manager for Max 2022?


When we can expect scene manager for Max 2022?


It is available! The latest 1.0.11 is compatible with Max 2022. Go to the dashboard for the installer at
Or use this link for download it directly.



My understanding that it’s Render Manager has version 1.0.11.

What about Scene Manager? Currently the latest version available for download is 2.1.0 and doesn’t have support for Max 2022 installation


Just download version 2.1.0 again and it should have 2022 as an option.

Thank you, it worked :+1:

I clicked the link and only got 1.0.10, is there a ETA for the max 2022 version compatible rendermanager?

Hi Ivor,
You can download Render Manager 1 with Max 2022 compatibility from here:

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