Scene Manager forgetting setups

I have problem with Scene Manager forgetting the new set ups. It’s really frustrating.
Even if the file was open for several hours, if I close and re-open Pulze, the set up I created a while ago will be gone. I tried reinstalling Pulze and removing Temp folders in Appdata - non of this helped.
Max 2022.2, Corona renderer 7, Windows 10.


Just wanted to reach out over here as well. You also sent us a ticket with this problem, do you still have this issue? If you can send the problematic scene to we can quickly have a look.


Hi Peter,
Apologies for such a delay in response, I wasn’t really following the forum thread once we spoke via email.
I’ve finally managed to send a file through, so would appreciate if you could have a look at it at some point.
Best regards,

Having the same issues here, i have a complex file here with many setups, i close max a day or two and reopen and all the setups are gone, shoot, this is a major bug man

Thanks for the info, we are looking into this issue!