Scene Manager layer parameters inheritance

Hi, Ghislain from Archi-Graphi.

we reported to you, several time by mail, a malfunction of Scene Manager concerning the inheritance of the parameters between the layers and their sub-layers wich is very important in our workflow.

Here is our situation:
We work with a precise layer and sub-layer hierarchy and we are forced to make compromises in our layer hierarchy since we use Scene Manager due to the impossibility of relaying the “render” settings to the sub-layers with the layer module.

For example with this set-up :


If we disable the renderability of the layer “100_3DPeople” via Scene Manager, the two sub-layers “101_Animated3DPeople” and “102_Posed3DPeople” stay renderable, which can cause mistakes in our images/sequences.

We noticed that your recent update of Scene Manager fixed this inheritance of the parameter “Visible” but still not work for the “Renderable” property that we use here (due to the size of our scenes we prefer working with “Renderable Hidden Geometry” in 3dsMax)

Please consider updating SceneManager with this Renderable property inheritance for sub-layers. It’s a necessity for us.

Thank you by advance,

Best regards, Ghislain

Thank you @g.roy for bumping this topic. The thing is that by default (without Scene Manager) 3ds Max child layers doesn’t inherits the parent properties. The visibility works out of the box, but the rest doesn’t. We are looking into the issue and will try to come up with a solution that everyone is happy with.

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