Scene manager render elements

Hi i am Cesar and I work at Bluemotion | 3D visual content a studio in ITALY. We have some problems with saving render elements with Corona render. I have a single scene with many different cameras and render settings. The render base comes out, but the various render elements are not saved, in particolar only the last camere save the correct render element. For example I want to get a wire, but putting the tab with the wire pass inside the PULZE window and then using our internal render farm the various elements are not saved. Can you give us some hints on how I can solve our problem? We use Corona render, backburner and 3ds max 2023. Thanks.

Hi @acquisti

Thanks for the report! Render Elements in 3ds Max with Corona has some known issues in some situations. If you would like to stick to backburner I would not recommend using the Render Elements module in Scene Manager, simply because backburner doesn’t do the extra steps to make sure that the elements are correctly configured and saved.

You could try to remove all the render elements from the 3ds Max Render Settings and then add them back so you start clean.
The other option that I would recommend is to try our Render Manager where you probably won’t have this issue. I’m happy to give you an extended trial for any number of licenses you require!