Scene Manager support for 3ds Max 2024

Hey there!

We’re excited to announce that 3ds Max 2024 has been released with some awesome new features. Our team put in some hard work yesterday to make Scene Manager compatible with this latest version. We published a beta build last night which you can download from here: If you’d like to try it out, feel free to get your hands on it. We’ll be constantly testing it and keeping it in beta until the major plugin developers release their 2024 updates. We’re also looking into some of the new features of 3ds Max to see if there’s anything we should add to the Scene Manager.

If you encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re always here to help!

Hello. Great news about 2024!
Does it support V-Ray GPU rendering now too? In the previous versions as soon as I switch to the GPU render settings can’t be adjusted.

Hi @applicationadmins

Sorry for the later response. Support for V-Ray GPU is not released yet. We will try to make it happen this month and finally release it. Will definitely let you know if there is a version where you can try it out!

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Thank you! Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Has anyone else has the issue where closing pulze scene manager keeps freezing up max 2024 after closing pulze scene manager?

Hello again :slight_smile: Any news about GPU?

I’m testing out the live mode in Max 2024 but not sure I understand how it works:

  • changing a camera setting in Pulze (like focal length) changed the setting in Max camera setting;
  • but changing a camera setting in Max does not update the setting automaticaly in Pulze (you need to tick the “update” icon)
  • also it would be amazing if Post-Production VFB Tone Mapping parameters would update automaticaly (in both directions) : when changing the Simple Exposure (in Corona) I would love for the value to be update in Pulze. I often forget to click the “update” icon, and thus when I make a change in Max on camera 1, change to camera 2 via Pulze, then come back to the camera 1 via Pulze, then the my latest changes are not saved and I have my old settings in camera.

Thanks for all the great work !

It keeps asking me to login every time I open it, please help

Hi @aranmor

We are working on this issue at the moment. Could you please try out one thing.

  • Close 3ds Max
  • Delete this folder: C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Pulze Scene Manager
  • Start 3ds Max and Scene Manager, add your credentials once again

Let us know if this makes any difference the next time you open the Scene Manager!

Hey @yannverbeke

Thanks for posting your ideas. These feedbacks are very valuable for the team.

At the moment the live mode (from 3ds Max to Scene Manager) is limited to creating new setups and filling out the basic information for the Camera, Sun, Environment module. It does not go deeper then that. So if you change a property for a camera it won’t update in the Scene Manager.

For cameras, lights, objects and maps this should not be a problem to implement, but for Render Settings, LightMix and the VFB it is not possible to attach listeners to the properties. For these parts we will have to periodically poll and check for changes. At the moment this is in an experimental phase.

Our goal is to extend this feature in the future so it can do a lot more and it will be possible to record most of the things.

We fixed a couple of bugs and added support for V-Ray GPU in the latest build:

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I can’t colorise set-ups in SM anymore? Is this correct with the latest version?

Edit: I see that menu is cut-off now as it’s crowded. I must extend the size of the Pulze window to reveal the color palette option.

Hey @AnotherAngle3D

The colorize option is untouched and it should be available:

It could be that the Scene Manager window is scaled in a way where the color button gets hidden because of the overflow. If you can send us a screenshot we can look into it!

It seems support is lacking recently? what is happening why the render elements are somehow now saving blank when saving as png batch?

Hi @mitfordshawn

We are receiving a lot of emails and tickets that has a higher priority then the forum. We try to reply to every thread whenever we have time.

About your issue. It is hard to tell from this. Have you tried deleting your render elements and adding them back? Sometimes this helps. Maybe something got stuck in your render settings.

hmm never tried that will do, this has been a problem since moving to 2024 for me

ok tried that and some work and others will not work, i think its a bug and a big one, working on some scenes now with many cameras and passes needed but it seems i will have to manually save the passes, a pain in the ass, i think you guys need to look into it

Could you please send us a scene where we can reproduce the problem?

hi, sure ok, i will make sure to