Scene States and Corona Volume MTL

Greeting Pulze Forum.

Some help here would be appreciated. Some questions.
I have attached a screenshoot “all in one” in the end just because the forum policies for new users.

a) How to add 3ds max manager scene states into Pulze Scene Manager Layers Slot? (i use 3ds max manager scene states to turn ON and OFF desire layers for specific cameras in my scene)

b) How to add Corona Volume Mtl into Pulze Atmospheric Slot?
(i use different types of Corona Volume Mtl to add FOG to different cameras in my scene)

c) I get to understand how to use different environments - Corona Sun and Sky - into Pulze Environment Slot. Unfortunately with Corona Volume Mtl FOG i do not!!

I hope some one can help please. At our office we have a big Masterplan Project to render. A lots of layers and different moods for different cameras. It would be nice if Pulze Scene Manager can do this.

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Arch António André

No one please?

António André

Hi @antonio.andre

I believe you asked the same question over our youtube channel where we answered your questions. For the record I’ll just paste it here:

At the moment there is no way to add and manage the native 3ds Max scene states. The general purpose of Scene Manager is to avoid the usage of scene states.

Since the volume material has to be applied to the render settings the atmosphere module won’t help you here. You should check out the Render Settings - Override module for that.

Hello Peter. Thanks for your time in answer my questions.

Question a) I understand your point. But how can i add “3ds layers on”, that they are different for all my cameras, into pulze? Its kind impossible to memorize all layers on and off from 10 scene cameras i have?
Can you help me here?

Question b) can you post a screenshot? i think i miss your answer somehow. Can you explain how to add corona volume material into pulze scene manager?