Second sun light adjustments


I was wondering if there Is any way to adjust a second sun from the Lights tab?
In some interior setups we use two suns and what happens is that every time I change the scene the second sun automatically turns of by Pulze.
Thank you for your time!


Do you have any update on this?


Hey @info19

The current implementation of the Scene Manager is not able to handle 2 sun objects because it is a really rare case. As a workaround you could use the Objects or Layers module instead of the Sun and play with the visibility property of the Sun while making sure that Render Hidden Lights is turned off in the render settings.

Unfortunately the workaround you suggested is not working, as long I change scene, the second sun is deactivated form Pulze. Since has been is a long time since my first post, is there any change there is an updated workaround? Multiple sun especially for interiors are important for us and now we have to open it manual in each scene making impossible to use batch render.

In case when you say the second Sun always gets deactivated, are you using the Sun module? Because this will only work if you completely disable the Sun modules and only rely on Objects or Layers. If this doesn’t work then I can come up with another workaround.