Seeing old settings in "Scene Manager Scenes"

This is an odd problem, though luckily has a workaround for now. When trying to submit a job to Render Manager by browsing for the .max file, the Scene Manager states may be out of date. Common things we can see in the job submission dialog are incorrect frame paths and frame ranges, though I suspect all settings may be affected. If you submit the job from an open copy of Max, however, you will see the correct job settings.

Let me know if you have any questions, I can probably provide a sample scene if needed.


I’ve reported the same problem 2 months ago, but no answer.

RenderManager doesn’t see updated scenes from SceneManager - Render Manager / Issues - Pulze | Forum

Yea… We’ve had this issue intermittently for months now, it usually comes up right after updating the software but now I’m experiencing it with files that are brand new. No clue what’s triggering it, as sometimes it will work fine and then suddenly stop showing changes.

After receiving some scenes we finally managed to get to the bottom of the problem. We have a new build for both Scene and Render Manager that should fix this issue. Please download and install these versions:

Let us know if this helps with your problem!

Hi Peter, so far the patch is working well for us! We’ll reach out if the issue comes back at all.

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@peter.sarhidai We had major stability issues with Render Manager 2.2.7 all weekend, mainly nodes losing connection to each other and resetting progress on their tasks. We’re forced to roll back to 2.2.6, despite the other issues with that release it will at least make it through jobs.

The last time we had a fully functioning, bug free release was over a year ago, before the 2.1.8 hotfix. We know you’re all working on render manager V3, and we hope that you take the time to thoroughly test it and make it as reliable as possible. This software is amazing when it’s working, but we need to be able to trust it, too.

Hi @BDF,

Sorry to hear that. Beside fixing the Scene Manager and a couple of Corona version related issues we have not changed anything in this patch that would directly effect the performance. For the connection problems we recommend using all cores - 1 and make sure the distributor computer is the same none render pc in both current and primary dropdown at the admin settings.

We are happy to go deeper and check some logfiles to make the experience better.

We’ve rolled back to the last version (2.2.6) but are still having periodic farm-wide crashes of Render Manager. We will do some troubleshooting on our end and update back to 2.2.7 to see if we can get useful logs to send in.

We do use a dedicated computer as the distributor, which does not participate in rendering.

Hi @peter.sarhidai, just following up. After reinstalling 2.2.7 and monitoring our farm for a while it seems like the problem is gone, so it seems that this was something else and just bad timing on our end. Sorry for our post earlier this week, this seemed to line up too perfectly with the Pulze update to be a coincidence.

We’ll keep an eye on things and try to capture logs if the problem comes back.

Well, we may have spoke too soon. Our farm continues to have these “blackouts”, where the nodes will show up on Pulze as assigned but not actually render any frames. We captured logs after an incident yesterday and again today, which I can send to you via email or DMs @peter.sarhidai. I’m no longer certain that it’s related to the Render Manager, hopefully you can tell what’s going on from the logs.

Please send it to and we will look into it!

I’ve emailed the support address, ticket # 3647

We will try fully uninstalling and rolling back to 2.2.6 in the meantime.

We double checked our network infrastructure after continuing to experience problems with 2.2.7. Eventually we did roll everything back to 2.2.6 and the farm has been stable since then. I would not recommend anyone to use the 2.2.7 patch posted above, it fixed the issue with Scene Manager and rendered our entire farm extremely unstable until we did a full uninstall, reboot, and reinstall of 2.2.6 and its associated Scene Manager release.

Thanks for the feedback @BDF! For most of our customers it did helped and they had no issues. We will check the rest of the logs that you sent before and I’m sure there is a reason behind this.

As pointed out in another thread, this 2.2.7 update causes 3dsMax to crash when closing Pulze.

My god, do you guys test your releases? Max 2023 here.

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