Seeing old settings in "Scene Manager Scenes"

This is an odd problem, though luckily has a workaround for now. When trying to submit a job to Render Manager by browsing for the .max file, the Scene Manager states may be out of date. Common things we can see in the job submission dialog are incorrect frame paths and frame ranges, though I suspect all settings may be affected. If you submit the job from an open copy of Max, however, you will see the correct job settings.

Let me know if you have any questions, I can probably provide a sample scene if needed.


I’ve reported the same problem 2 months ago, but no answer.

RenderManager doesn’t see updated scenes from SceneManager - Render Manager / Issues - Pulze | Forum

Yea… We’ve had this issue intermittently for months now, it usually comes up right after updating the software but now I’m experiencing it with files that are brand new. No clue what’s triggering it, as sometimes it will work fine and then suddenly stop showing changes.

After receiving some scenes we finally managed to get to the bottom of the problem. We have a new build for both Scene and Render Manager that should fix this issue. Please download and install these versions:

Let us know if this helps with your problem!

Hi Peter, so far the patch is working well for us! We’ll reach out if the issue comes back at all.