Send to Deadline?

Hello Renderguys,

I am coming from RPmanager, and I wanted to try out pulze. It looks great and easy.

Strangely I don’t see any post talking about deadline. Is there a way to send your scenes to deadline? ( I know pulze has also the render manager, but I would like to keep using deadline)

Thanks !

Hello John,

If you would like to use a 3rd party render management software, like Deadline then you can use the “Bake” feature at Scene Manager. You can create a batch render or individual 3sdMax files from the setups.
On top of that we have been experimenting with another solution which is not official yet. If you are interested in the testing please contact us at

Best regards,

Thanks for your reply !
I’ll check that out !

I’ve been testing scene manager and I’m quite happy with it although I think being able to submit directly to deadline would be important.