Setups Disappear

Hi There,
So, like many of you I saw that there is a new version of Scene Manager (and Render Manager) this morning, so I have installed both. However, I think I’ve found a nasty bug. Upon opening up a Max scene and firing up the Scene Manager, I can see all of my setups there and correct (along with 2 new cards), but when I go to selct one suddenly they all vanish and the entire Scene Manager resets to default settings. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a workaround? or do I have to slog through all my setups again? This would seriously suck!
I look forward to hearing back

Best regards, Bill

Hi @bnuttall

Thanks for the info, we are looking into your issue. I can assure you this is not the intended behavior all your previous settings should be there.

After a little digging it seams like the Render Preset module is causing the issue. If you rely on that feature I would recommend switching back to the previous version until we take care of it.

Confirmed! As soon as I turn that card off altogether it works as intended. If possible please fix this as quickly as you can, as my entire office relies on the workflow.
Thank-you for finding the issue so quickly

Thanks for your understanding and patience. If you could please close and reopen the Scene Manager and try to load a file that has Render Presets, it should be all good now.

Confirmed as working now, thank-you Peter. I have no idea how you fixed it without us needing to install a new version, but we’re super grateful you have!