SM 2.0 - Trouble with enviroment

I’ve just installed SM v 2.0 and have encountered som problems with the Enviroment tab

  • First of all, it deleted all of my enviroment settings from my project.
  • When I try to Create New HDRI, it sets up a CoronaBitmap. I’m able to load an HDRI from “Open HDRI library” so it shows in Filename, but thats the only thing that happends. It’s not loading in 3DS Max “Enviroment and effects”, I’m not able to “show the HDRI in the material editor”, and I’m not able to fetch rotation from the Corona Bitmap. I get that all this issues are linked.
  • When I use “HDRI Quick Browser” and click on one of the HDRIs it updates in SM Enviroment, but only there - not in Corona Bitmap Filename.
  • If i use an HDRI directly from Material Editor into the Enviroment and effects, I’m able to “Fetch Current” in SM Enviroment. If I then delete the map from SM Enviroment, its deleted from Enviroments and effects.
  • “Bitmaptexture” in SM Enviroment are disabled. I’m not allowed to use Bitmap texture, only Coronabitmap.

v2.0 seems to be a great update as long as this issues are fixed. What I don’t get, is why it works fine in the instruction video. What am I doing wrong?

I know it’s stupid of me to update to the new release during a project, but v1.6 was crashing to often, so I hoped v2.0 would be stable.

3Ds Max 2020.2
Corona v5
Intel Xeon Gold 6148 x2
192 GB Ram
Win 10 Pro

Thanks for reporting your issue, I’ll look into it asap.

Could you share the file that was done with the previous version of the SM ? (you can send it to This way we can have a look what went wrong with the conversion to 2.0

Thanks for your help.

Thank you for the quick respons. I will archive an earlier version of the project and send you the link for download (Within the next 15 min).

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I have also had a smilar issue with upgrading from 1.6 to 2.0. My environments, which were created with the old HDRI card now all report “null (null)” in the environment column in the setup list.


Thanks for reporting the problem. We have a lead on these issues and we are preparing the patch for them at the moment. Would you mind sending your file to (before you opened it with SM 2.0) so we can have a close look and see if the changes that we made fixes the problem.

Thanks again, and I hope these inital bugs will be fixed in the next hours.


We pushed out an updated version that fixes most of the bugs that where reported in the last few days.
Please close and reopen 3ds Max, and after starting the Scene Manager you should see the following version and date in the About section:


If you guys are still having the issue written above then let us know.