SM doesn't send correct resolution to RM


I’ve experienced this issue many times but right now it is causing me major problems:

  • I save and close a max file with multiple set-ups at 1080px output in the SM settings.
  • I begin to add the scene to RM but I forgot that it should actually be 2160
  • So I open up the max file again, change (in Pulze SM) the resolution output to 2160. Close the file
  • Add the scene back in Pulze RM but the resolution is stuck to 1080.
  • Open the max scene again and SM has reverted my RM resolution settings back to 1080!

No matter what I do I can’t seem to get it to be at the correct 2160 res. I save new files, close RM etc etc…

What’s going on? How do I stop this? Is this known? Will it be fixed soon?

Many thanks!

Edit: Upon further debugging - the best explanation/fix I can find is to manually type in the new resolution, rather than pressing the pulze “double resolution” button (which is what I was doing).


You are right, the “double resolution” button does not update when you use Render Manager. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will fix this bug asap!
Your workaround is correct, if you type in a numeric value then it works.
Please let me give you an additional tip. It is not needed to save the max file, close it and browse it in RM. You can select the already running max file in RM in the beginning of the job creation. On top of that if you would like to make any changes in the file you do not have to restart the whole job creation. It is enough to hit the circular arrow at the right end of the selected max file and RM will load in the file again.
Best regards,

Excellent tips, thank you!

There seem to be quite a lot of nuance to RM that I’m unfamiliar with. It’s a complex plug-in… perhaps a few additional tutorials would be handy (I’m sure some are coming with the upcoming release?).