Some requests and issues

  • When setting Nth frame on multiple cards, it shouldn’t affect the time range on all of them. For instance:
    I have 10 setups with different time ranges, and I want to render the 5th frame of all of them. If I change this by selecting multiple cards, all the time frames changes as well.

  • Setting the exposure of cameras of multiple scenes:
    I can’t change the exposure on all of them at the same time, only if a setup has the same camera (as the one from where you’re changing), will it change the exposure, all other setups with different cameras, the exposure will not change.

  • Create directory tree for all cards: when selecting multiple cards, create the directory tree for all of them.

  • SM doesn’t work properly when using Parsec. It’s like the actual window has an offset, so what you’re seeing is an offset of the actually buttons to click, so you’re always clicking in the wrong spots.

  • Already requested by many but please implement some undo functionality

  • Also requested is the way alt + click behaves: Alt-click doesn't count as selected - #3 by peter.sarhidai this would be a way better and faster way too work with complex scenes.

  • When updating Pulze I have to re-add all my HDR folders again.

The bigger more complex the scenes get, the slower Pulze becomes, even though the setups might be just simple cameras, HDR and output, nothing more. To switch between scenes takes a long time even with render setup window closed (around 5 seconds). I wonder why?

My vote for all the points above.
Although I haven’t noticed Pulze slowing down on complex scenes?
If anything, it’s in line with 3ds max Viewport performance degrading overtime on bigger files.

I agree totally with the last point. We are working with some big heavy scenes and pulze grinds to a crawl. It would be great if the team could look into this.

Also the parsec issue is going to become critical for me in the near future.

Would be nice to get a response after 23 days. Honestly the development of this is going way too slow. Instead of creating yet another AI no one is asking for, might want to spend some resources on customer support and implementing requests we actually need.

Lol, 41 days later no response. At least it’s out of Beta after more than a year. :face_with_peeking_eye:

@DGTLTWNS Thanks for the bump and the critics. Your requests and issues are noted and we added it to our list the day after you posted.

Please note that we answer to forum posts whenever we have time, we receive a huge amount of requests and messages every week and we while we try to reply to every single email, ticket and forum post sometimes it just takes more time.

Regarding the release cycles, some people likes to be on the beta some got annoyed by it, we tried out different things this year some decisions worked out well while others not so much, we learned the lesson and next time we will do it better.

About the AI thing and the speed of our development. It might not be visible but we are working hard to fix and recreate some of the fundaments of our products so in the future we can give a better experience. You might not be interested in the AI tool, but the foundations that it is built on will directly affect the future of Scene and Render Manager in a positive way.

For example @gethin.hooper has a problem with window scaling when parsec is used. With the new core and window handling system that we are building this is not going be to an issue anymore.