Stability of workstation during Render Manager running


I would like to create this topic mostly as an open discussion regarding the stability issue I am facing.

According to my experience, it seems that Render Manager tends to crush (bsod) workstation if that workstation works on the margins of available RAM.

I have to render an animation sequence from a scene that demands 110GB of RAM. My workstation is equipped with 128 RAM.

Apparently, using Render Manager makes the whole workstation unstable, giving blue screens all the time. The best I have managed to get was 3 continuous frames. Sometimes I couldn’t get even 1 frame before crush.

Eventually, I was forced to render this sequence locally, only on the workstation through open 3ds Max. The whole system is stable and nothing seems to be problematic. Everything render smoothly.

I am not implying that Render Manager is to blame. I can’t be sure about this. I don’t know if working on RAM’s margins creates that unstable environment. Fun fact is that my nobe, which is also equipped with 128GB of RAM, never crushes. It could be that workstation has to manage Render Manager information exhange in addition to render a frame. Something that a node is free of. It could be my RAM, which are non ECC, while node is equipped with ECC RAM.

It could also be something completely different to blame, like my LAN switch, I don’t know.

Do you have any information regarding this issue?

I would like to read your opinion.